FaceTime and Online Voice & Music Sessions To Get You Through

It’s been two whole days of social distancing and, like you, we’re already feeling pretty stir-crazy. A high percentage of our friends/clients/students are still coming to the studio in-person, which is great because it’s nice to get out of the house, it’s super fun to sing and play and there are only two of us in the studio at any time which keeps transmission chances extremely low. That, and the fact that we have 15-minute buffers between sessions, before and after every session we spray and clean all surfaces that have been touched (doorknobs, piano keys, chair armrests, music stands, etc.) and elbow bump or give a friendly wave hello and goodbye is about as safe as we can be without resorting to full-time hazmat apparel.

However, as we aggressively “flatten the curve,” the FaceTime/Online option is a good one for students who want to stay in practice during quarantine. We use FaceTime and WhatsApp and if you have a laptop or phone with a camera, that’s about all you need to get going. It does help to have a mini-stand for your phone because it can get pretty awkward holding a phone and playing guitar. Our online approach continues to evolve and for those of you who do use a laptop and have gmail, we can utilize Google Hangout. In the meantime, we make sure you have the materials and we take it from there.

30-minute online voice and instrument sessions are very efficient and since our music studio is open 24/7, we’re ready when you are.