Guitar, Piano, Bass & Music Theory With Bill

We “make” music because we love it and it gives us great happiness.

Is it challenging and difficult sometimes? Absolutely!

But, and here’s the secret, the key to being able to step up to all the challenges in acquiring a skill (any level of skill) in a musical instrument is simple; it is joy. After all, why would we want to spend our valuable time doing something that makes us miserable?

Not only is joy its own reward, but joy is crucial to the process of creating music.

I’ve been playing guitar, bass and piano for more than forty years. It took me a long time to grasp this concept and I bring my experience, along with fun and plenty of empathy to the studio classroom. You are always welcome here.

Lessons for all ages are $35 for 30 minutes.


Favorite Affordable Guitars for Beginners/Intermediate:

Baby Taylor

The “Baby” Taylor, Steel String Acoustic: Younger/smaller hands will be more amenable to putting in more “play time” if they have a smaller guitar to work with. The Baby Taylor (a 3/4 size acoustic “Dreadnought” style) runs just under $300 and is a huge value.  Great for small hands and small fingers with a big bright sound. While $300 might seem a lot for an initial investment, the quality of the guitar alone means that the young student can use it as a travel guitar for the rest of their playing days even after they graduate to larger, heavier guitars with wider fretboards.

Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone Les Paul, Electric: Keeping frustration low is crucial for beginners. For one, it takes a while to develop callouses on young fingertips – in other words “it hurts!” We deal with “the suffering” by playing a song or scale and then showing each other the “grooves” left in our fingertips! Then we boldly laugh “Ahhahahahaha!” and move on to the next step in conquering our instrument. Cheap beginner guitars are all over the place, but quality beginner guitars are easier to tune and easier to play by virtue of their lower action (distance between strings and fretboard) and workmanship. In other words, for the cost, they play better and last longer. Pictured here is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard that retails for $665 but can always be found online through Amazon or Sweetwater for a very reasonable $399.

Favorite Electric Strings:

d'addario nyxl

Favorite Acoustic Strings:


Fave Guitar Tuner for iPhone and Android: Guitar Tuna


Yes, it’s called Guitar “Tuna” – it’s free, works great and if you want bass, uke and alt tunings of everything else, buy the upgrade for under $15. Great deal.

Favorite Electric Bass for Beginners/Intermediate

Sterling By Music Man

I love this bass. Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Series has generated the most positive reviews across the board for its price-to-quality. 3/4 size is a better fit for smaller hands (and better for leverage) – but it ain’t bad for big hands, either. Lists at around $428, can be bought for $299 at finer music stores everywhere and online. Used Fender P-Basses (Precision Bass) also have a slimmer neck for smaller hands to get around.

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