We’re Open, Just Stay On Top Of It

We have taken the extra step of creating 15 minute buffers between sessions during the Coronavirus pandemic. If you or your student don’t feel well, stay home, no worries. Here is an email from our dear friend Dr. Marc Futernick:

I’ve been asked about this pandemic by many people, so figured I’d share my thoughts with this group that has been with me for so long.  As always, feel free to share.

The virus is currently in our communities, throughout the country, in much higher numbers than the official counts. There is still insufficient testing, and the majority of people are minimally symptomatic so will never be tested, but are still spreading the virus.
Even if some medications are found that might help, this will have minimal impact on the overall morbidity and mortality.
An effective vaccine will not help this season, and even when available will have less than perfect efficacy, just like the flu vaccine.

Right now, the only answer is in all of our hands.  We must shut down every public contact that is not essential.  If you are able to protect yourself by staying home, you should do that as strictly as you can manage.  This is the only real protection.  Don’t visit people at risk in person, and there are a lot of people at risk.  I’m nearly 50 and feel like I’m in great health, but statistically I am still at significant risk of getting critically ill if (when?) I get this virus.

If everyone practices social distancing, staying home and limiting exposures, then those of us who don’t have that ability will be much safer.  This virus will burn out if we stop giving it to each other.  Right now, that is the only way to protect our healthcare workers, police, and others who must interact with the public.  

  • If you have even a very low grade fever or a mild cough, assume you have the virus and be vigilant about quarantining yourself. 
  • If you do not have symptoms, stay home, and only go out if you absolutely must.
  • Don’t come to the ER unless you’ve talked to a health professional first (feel free to call me) and you absolutely need to (e.g., you are having trouble breathing).  The ER is where you will undoubtedly find the virus.

 Please stay safe, and take this seriously.  Do this for yourself, for your family, and for your entire community.  

Marc Futernick, MDEmergency Physician
Climate Reality Leader
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