Online Classes Available

Online Studio Classes In:

Electric Bass (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues – All Ages) –

Guitar (Classical, Jazz, Classic Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk – All Ages)

Piano (Beginner thru Advanced, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Classic Rock – All Ages)

Ukelele (Disney, Pop, Hawaiian – All Ages) – What an underrated instrument the ukelele is. The uke not only stands on its own as a worthwhile and fun instrument to play, it also serves as a great “starter” for those who want to play guitar. Every home should have a ukelele (or three).

Music Theory (Beginner thru Advanced Harmony, Classical and Jazz) –

Music Production, Mixing & Mastering (Cubase, Reason, Wavelab) –

Songwriting For Musical Theatre –

We “make” music because we love it and it gives us¬†great happiness.

Is it challenging and difficult sometimes? Well, yeah, it should be!

But, if we approach this work with a JOY FIRST mentality, we can stay in the game for the long haul and maximize our happiness in the process.

Joy is crucial to the process of creating music.