Legit Chicks

Okay, aside from the bridesmaid dresses, “wheres-the-blowdryer?” hairdos and wild-eyed looks, here’s an interesting example of “legit” (legitimate) singing from a variety of gals.

Any female who has studied with me should recognize the “home position” of the mouth(s). Big bite, tension in sides of mouth, jaw pressed down, lips pushed away from teeth, strength and flex in the major muscle groups, teeth on top and bottom showing…

Wagner (pronounced “VAHG-ner”) is the Heavyweight Division of legit singing. Demanding, Big, Dark, Extreme, Dramatic….it takes everything you got.

It also takes a lot of years to get the false vocal cords to create big, fat tones like this. On the other hand, the female belt for Broadway and Pop — using the true vocal cords — comes very quickly.


Oh, hey, and if you make it all the way to the eight-minute mark, Brunhilde arrives looking like an operatic Liza Minelli.